How to Cut the Hair Around Your Ears

Short hairstyles often leave the ears exposed.

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Haircuts would be easy if it weren't for those pesky ears getting in the way. You can't remove them like Mr. Potato Head can, so you just have to learn to cut around them. Fortunately, your ears and the way the hair grows around your ears give you a good visual line to cut along. All you need is a steady hand and a sharp pair of scissors -- the hair kind, not the craft kind. Those bulky things won't fit around the delicate curve of your ear. So get ready to cut and start thinking about all those earrings you can show off with your new, cropped hairdo.


Saturate your hair with a water spray bottle or stick your head under the faucet for a deep-down soak. However you choose to do it, make sure your hair is wet evenly throughout.


Comb through your hair to remove the tangles, and comb the hair straight back away from your front hairline. Comb the hair down at a downward angle over your ears. Remove the hair around the ears one ear at a time.


Snip the hair off at the front of the ear at an angle, following the natural hairline. Do not cut into your hair! Only remove the hair that extends beyond the hairline of the ear.


Fold the top of the ear down to reveal the top hairline of the ear. Comb the hair straight down. Remove the hair that extends beyond the hairline. Connect the cut with the previously cut section. Curve the cut line around the ear, following the natural curve of the hairline.


Fold the back of the ear forward and comb the hair behind the ear forward. Snip the hair off that extends beyond the hairline. Keep this part curved and connected to the other cuts too.


Repeat for the other ear unless you're going for the asymmetrical look.

Things You'll Need


1.Water spray bottle




Tips & Tricks


Comb the hair in every direction possible. When you find a stray hair, clip it. Do not be afraid to remove hair that extends beyond the point where the ear meets the head. It all needs to go. Keep combing and cutting until you remove every last hair.

Scissors are sharp and you can cut your ear if you're not careful. Always fold the ear out of the cutting area before you make a snip. Ouch!


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