Do You Cut or Dye Your Hair First?

Generally, your stylist should color your hair before cutting it.

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You have a stylist for your color and you have a stylist for your cut. Who gets your business first? Whether you should dye your hair or cut it first depends on your hair's situation. Consider your hair's health and the effect you hope to create with color when booking your appointments.


If you get both color and cut from the same stylist, she may prefer to do color first for convenience. Color should be placed on dry hair and the cut done when your hair is wet. It just makes sense to color first and cut after the color is rinsed.

Hair Health

If your hair has been over-processed or is a victim of generous applications of styling products, you may choose to color first. Hair dye can make dryness and split ends worse, so coloring first can tell you how short you need to go. Letting your stylist chop those fried ends will make your head of hair look more shiny and healthy.

Type of Color

If you are doing a single process job – meaning one color on your entire head of hair – you can color first with no concern about your final cut. If, however, you plan to have highlights put in and a drastic style change, you should probably get your hair cut first. Highlights placed in longer hair may look out of proportion on a shorter ‘do. Having your hair cut first can also help your stylist highlight your hair to accent certain angles of the cut.


Some salons ask you to pay for color according to the length of your hair. If you plan to chop all your hair off, you should go for color last to avoid paying a premium. If you are simply going in for a trim, coloring or cutting first is not going to matter all that much.

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