How to Cut Bangs & Frame the Face for Long Hair

Emma Stone's bangs frame her face at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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Long hair can look fab with bangs if you know how to frame your face with them. Because you've got length to blend in with the bangs, make tapered bangs that start short on one side and get longer across your face. Known as side-swept bangs, this simple and sexy fringe is so easy to create. Grab some scissors, and cut chic bangs that frame your face.


Shampoo and condition to get your hair squeaky clean. Towel-dry your locks to remove excess moisture.


Comb through your hair completely to detangle, and then comb your hair straight down over your face.


Place the comb flat on top of your head at your hairline. Press down on the comb with your hand, and watch the comb and the top of your head to see the point that the comb rocks up off of your head. Put your finger at that point on the top of your head because this is the point where your fringe starts.


Section off the hair you will cut into bangs. The base of the fringe is the point on the top of your head where your finger is. Drag the tip of the comb diagonally from this point toward the outside edge of your left eyebrow to section off the hair on the left side. Drag the tip of the comb diagonally toward your right eyebrow to section this side, but stop when the comb gets even with center of your eyebrow (don't go all the way to the outside point of this eyebrow). This will give you bangs that sweep to the left; if you want your bangs to sweep to the right, do the opposite. Stop, and then comb straight toward your forehead hairline. This creates the wedge section of hair for your fringe. Clip your other hair back out of the way so you don't accidentally trim it.


Grab the wedge of hair, and comb it smooth. Now pull it to the right side of your face, and place the teeth of the comb all the way through the section of the hair with the teeth facing down. Hold the hair section by the comb now, extending the hair straight out to the right side of your face.


Rotate the comb one complete turn toward the right so the comb is now upside-down with the teeth facing up -- still holding the hair section within the teeth of the comb. Your hair now has a twist in it.


Grab the hair with your index finger and middle finger right behind the comb, and slide the comb and your fingers down to the point where you want to cut your bangs -- this is the shortest length of the fringe you are about to cut here. Cut the ends of the hair straight across just below your fingers, using your fingers as a guide. Because it can be hard to judge the cutting length with your hair pulled off to the side, make cuts in small increments. Cut off only an inch or two to start, and then check the length of the bangs on your face. If the bangs aren't short enough, repeat the same combing technique, and cut off another inch or two.


Let go of your hair, and comb it back toward the left side. You should have a sweet little fringe that falls over your face at a tapered angle, blending nicely with the rest of your long hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Shampoo and conditioner

3.Flat comb

5.Sharp hair cutting scissors


4.Large clip


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