How to Customize Your Own Cowboy Hat

Customizing an accessory can make your statement of style fun and exciting.

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The cowboy hat has been a fashion staple for many ladies working a sporty yet sexy style. This head accessory is full of fun and expressive potential, yet through your own customizing touch, it can become the star of the show. From basic additions to all out bling, you can make your cowboy hat speak for itself. Personalize your cowboy hat in no time flat, and bring on jaw dropping responses with your custom style. Giddy-up girl!


Sketch out a true to size idea of what you want this customized cowboy hat to look like. Draw a front side, the two profile sides, then the back of the hat.


Draw in the details of your customized additions, from patches to leather ties or rhinestones and beads. Use markers and colored pencils to make the design clear. Once you have your customization ideas clear and positioned on your drawing, it is time to make the magic happen.


Set out all the tools and supplies you might need, from glue and scissors to string, beads or whatever else you wanted to add to create your personal style.


Measure out the circumference of the upper head insert of the hat then measure out 3 to 4 inches more on the leather strap or thin tie. Cut the strap with scissors and use a lighter to burn the ends.


Wrap the hat with the leather tie or strap. String the beads onto the leather as you desire or glue the rhinestones to the hat where you want them. You can also leave it simple and just keep the leather virgin. Tie the two ends together. Move the knot to the back of the hat. Tie feathers within the knot or tie in jewelry or other fun accessories to the end knot to make the look complete.


Add embroidered patches to the bill or the top of the hat for some major customization. Mark the hat with a wax crayon to identify the borders of the patch, then apply a leather adhesive to that area with a stiff crafting brush. Press the patch on top of the adhesive with a spoon, and let it set for five to 10 minutes. Remove any extra glue from the sides of the patch with paint thinner on a cotton swab. Use your creative genius to tell the world what you're about. Make this cowboy hat ride 'em high.

Things You'll Need


1.Drawing paper






13.Embroidered patch

15.Stiff crafting brush

17.Cotton swab


4.Measuring tape

6.Leather string



12.Wax crayon


16.Paint thinner

18.Leather adhesive


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