How to Customize a Brimmed Beanie Hat

Add a little glitz and glamour to your brimmed beanie.

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When temps dip down into the frigid zone it's time to pull out that winter hat. One oh-so-popular cold weather chapeau is the brimmed beanie -- a wool or knit hat with a narrow, hard brim like a baseball cap. Typically a brimmed beanie will come in a solid color. Make your beanie more exciting by adding an accent that shows off your personality.


Put a pin on it. Decorative pins can take a hat from plain to pretty in a matter of seconds. Add retro flair with a vintage cameo, an ounce of glitz with a pearl or gemstone pin, or a little indie flair with several tiny rock band pins. The great thing about pins is that they aren't permanent and can be changed to match your mood.


Bedazzle your beanie. Soup up your hat with silver studs or faux gemstones. For cotton or thin knit hats try applying your jewels with a Bedazzler -- ironically, of course, you wouldn't want lose your beanie's hipster cred. This classic machine punches pronged gems and studs into material. The prongs on the gems aren't very long, so a Bedazzler won't work on thicker fabrics. For heavier knit or fleece beanies apply your gemstones by hand using hot glue.


Monogram it! Stitch on your initials or sew on a simple version of a heart, butterfly or star. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch it. Make sure though, before you sew, that you mark out your design with fabric chalk.


Add a ribbon trim. Add solid colored ribbon in a contrasting color or pick a patterned version. Pin the ribbon around the edge of your hat and stitch it on using a sewing machine. If sewing isn't your strong suit you can also hot glue the ribbon on.


Perk up your hat with a patch. While many brimmed beanies come with a decorative patch on the center front, applying one to a plain hat may cut your cost. For easy application, choose an iron-on patch. If you dig a challenge hand stitch your patch on or use a sewing machine.

Things You'll Need


1.Decorative pins

3.Faux gemstones

5.Hot glue


9.Fabric chalk

11.Decorative patch


4.Metal studs

6.Sewing machine





Tips & Tricks


Before you permanently apply your decoration, pin it on and try on the hat to make sure you like its placement.


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