Curly Weave Hairstyles With Bangs

A curly weave looks fresh and fabulous with a bang.

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Curls provide a fabulous way to amp your weave, but if you want to add some sugar with all of that spice, do it with a full bang. You can still sweep it to the side whenever you want, but a full bang adds just a touch of sweetness to the sultry look created by the curls of your weave. Consider a few funky styles that make the most of your curly weave accompanied by the stylishness of a bang.

Curled Up 'Fro with Side Bangs

Do a twist on a traditional 'fro and get a weave with looser, larger-than-life curls to create the swirling Afro effect. Have your stylist cut a few shorter pieces that swoop over to the side to give the style some extra versatility. You can leave the 'fro loose, wrangle it into sassy ponytails or harness it with a headband, depending on your style mood for the day.


Pull your curly weave into a loose and ladylike ponytail at the crown of your head. Let a few tendrils fall free at the sides. Make sure that when you pull your hair into the ponytail, you leave enough hair down in the back to cover up any tracks that might be showing. Then comb down your bangs (natural or not) and use a flat iron to make them bone straight. This gives a visually-interesting twist to a fairly simple style.

Body Wave

A curly wave doesn't have to consist of a super tight spiral look or even thick curls. Instead, you can do a casual, loose body wave style that lends itself nicely to a face-framing bang. This is best for a shorter look; think shoulder length or even just below the ears in a sophisticated bob. Your bangs can be just as wavy, and you can either wear them straight across your forehead or off to the side.


When you have a weave, bangs can be quite tricky to maneuver. If possible, leave your natural hair out to form bangs across your forehead. Not only does it look more natural and ensures that no tracks are showing when your bangs move around a bit, but it also allows you to be a bit more versatile, even pinning them back completely if necessary.

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