How Do I Curl Human Hair Weave?

Wet set human hair weaves.

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Just because your weave is made of human hair, doesn't mean it can handle the high-heat of curling irons and hot rollers like the real hair on your head. Heat's just not worth it! It can singe your human hair weave and loosen the glue that secures it to your natural hair. So, who says you've got to use heat to get hot curls? Give your human hair weave some bounce with a wet roller set.


Shampoo and condition your hair with products designed for use on human hair weaves. Just any shampoo and conditioner won't do! Pat the weave dry after washing using an absorbent bath towel. Don't rub it or you will make the weave knotty. Apply a setting lotion to the hair and give it a gentle combing with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of any nasty knots or snags. Knots don't work with a roller set, so take your time and get them out.


Use a rattail comb to section your hair for the wet set. Start at the top of your head and make your first section. Your sections should be the same width as the rollers. The thickness of the section should be no more than about 1/2 inch. Sections of hair any wider or skinnier will give you a bumpy, uneven wrap.


Wind the first section around the roller and secure the roller in place with a clip. Make your next section and wind the next roller, also securing it with a clip. Keep the scenario going, working around your head until you wrap all the hair. Keep in mind that the direction you wrap your rollers, is the direction in which the curls will fall. So, if you wrap your hair towards the right, the curls will flow in that direction. Got it?


Sit under a hooded dryer to dry the wet set. Make yourself comfortable with your favorite fashion magazine because you will be there for a while -- 30 minutes at least. Check the rollers after 30 minutes and if they still feel a bit damp, give 'em another 15 to 20 minutes under the dryer. Remove the rollers once your hair dries. Give your head a good shake and run your fingers through your weave to separate the curls. Your curls look awesome!

Things You'll Need


1.Shampoo and conditioner for human hair weaves

3.Setting lotion

5.Rattail comb

7.Hooded dryer

2.Absorbent bath towel

4.Wide-toothed comb



Tips & Tricks


Don't have a hooded dryer? Try a portable dryer bonnet. Portable dryer bonnets connect to your blow dryer and provide the warmth necessary to dry your wet set. You can find these in beauty supply stores and online.

If you must perform a touch-up with a curling iron, set the heat to the lowest setting possible. Steer clear of the adhesive when making your curls or when you remove the curling iron, your weave may come out with it!


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