How to Curl Hair With a Blow Dryer

A blow dryer and a round brush can add body and curl to your hair.

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A round brush and blow dryer are the tools you need to create a style full of body. Curl hair with a blow dryer, and your curls will have enhanced staying power thanks to the dryer's hot air. A successful blow-out starts with the right products for shine or texture and continues with a lot of patience to direct the warm air down the length of your hair shafts while you dry your hair slowly.


Dry hair gently with a towel -- don't rub too briskly, though because this will create frizzies.


Add volumizing gel to your hair if it's fine or straight. Add styling cream to your hair if it tends to frizz as you blow-dry. Work the product in well from roots to tips.


Set the blow dryer to medium heat and begin drying your hair while working your fingers through it. Direct the air from the blow dryer away from your scalp and down the hair shafts. Dry your hair this way until it is about 75 percent dry. Skip this step if your hair tends to frizz and go directly to the round brush.


Lift a small section of hair with the round brush and roll the brush to make your hair wind around it. While you rotate the brush, direct the blow dryer down over the hair away from your scalp. Keep the blow dryer about 6 inches away from your hair to prevent heat damage.


Release the hair from the round brush and pick it up again to dry it further. Repeat the same process until you dry the section and then move on to another section. Dry your whole head of hair this way.


Finish by brushing through your hair and applying a silicone spray or cream to add shine.

Things You'll Need


1.Volumizing hair gel

3.Blow dryer

5.Silicone spray or cream

2.Styling cream (anti-frizz)

4.Round styling brush


Tips & Tricks


Be careful not to get the round brush caught in your hair. As you lift a section of hair to begin rotating it around the brush, make sure you aren't catching hair on the underside of the brush at the same time. This will cause a mess of tangled hair around the brush bristles with a brush handle protruding.


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