Is Cucumber Good for the Hair?

Drink cucumber and carrot juice combined to promote healthier hair.

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Time to take the cucumbers out of your salad and utilize them in your hair care routine. Put cucumber juice directly onto your hair and scalp to repair dry, brittle hair and protect it from further outside damage, like sun exposure and heated styling tools. If you prefer not to wear your green vegetables, adding cucumbers to your diet provides several important nutrients needed to grow long, strong locks.

What's in a Cucumber?

Cucumbers are packed with silicon and sulfur, both essential to healthy hair growth. Cucumber contains essential vitamins, specifically vitamin C, and nutrients for healthy hair, whether ingested or used as a topical treatment. This vegetable is full of natural antioxidants to fight inflammations, including those that effect hair growth and health, such as dandruff and psoriasis.

Have a Bite

No, a diet of cucumbers alone won't grow your hair out in the speed of light but regularly making cucumber, both whole and juiced, a part of your diet utilizes its silicon and sulfur content to help your body grow strong hair. Cucumbers are great as snacks or added to your favorite salad. Raw, plain cucumber contains only 15 calories, so weight gain isn't a problem, either. If you prefer, use a juicer to juice one to two peeled cucumbers to drink your way to healthier hair.

Juice Up Your Hair

Using cucumber as a topical hair treatment isn't as crazy as it sounds. This method directly applies the soothing and healing qualities of cucumbers that you get when they are eaten. Cucumbers reduces frizz, moisturizes your locks and heals breakage. Combining it with olive oil adds generous amounts of vitamin E that add a protective shield to your hair to protect it against future damage.

Nourishing Treatment

Peel and juice the cucumber in a juicer. If one isn't available, shred the peeled cucumber. Add 1/2 cup of the shredded cucumber or 1/2 cup of its juice to 1/2 cup of olive oil. For a boost to your hair's shine, add one egg. Mix well and massage into your scalp and your hair from root to end for five minutes. Leave on an additional 10 minutes and rinse well. Wash your hair like normal to make sure all the cucumber treatment is removed. Use once a week to keep your hair soft and sexy.

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