What Is Crotchless Underwear?

Crotchless panties: a step beyond the g-string.

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The world of women's underwear is vast. From practical cotton hipsters to high-cut bikini briefs to the ever-sexy thong g-string, you might think you've seen the full gamut of ladies' panties. If you peek just over the edge of standard undies, you'll find panties that take "sexy lingerie" to a completely different level. Crotchless panties may just seem like a mythical garment reserved only for the most scandalous romantic novels, but these wondergarments are readily available for any woman interested in getting spicy.

Crotchess Wonder

Crotchless underwear deliver exactly what they promise: a wearable pair of panties, sans crotch panel. Most pairs of panties provide full coverage for your lady bits, with the occasional thong offering a little peek-a-boo here and there, but crotchless panties stop the front panel of fabric right around the top of your pubic bone. Instead of a wide swatch of comfy cotton or luxurious silk, the panties taper off into two thin elastics or strings that reconnect with the larger fabric panels in the back of the underwear. The end result is a revealing pair of underwear that leave you free as bird in your nether regions.

A Brief History

Crotchless panties were not always the shocking sex symbols they are today. In the 19th century, ladies wore copious layers of skirts and underskirts, which made going to the bathroom a bit of challenge. To simplify the process, undergarments looked like a pair of men's shorts with a slit down the crotch for easy bathroom access. When women's clothes became more form-fitting and manufacturers began catering to women's desire to flatter their figures, crotchless underwear took a backseat to more standard brief-style panties. It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s that more modern and skimpy crotchless panties climbed out of the fetish shops and onto the regular shelves of lingerie shops.

When To Go Crotchless

The primarily appeal of crotchless underwear is visual. Though some maintain that there is sexiness to behold in a little mystery, others argue that there is nothing sexier than baring it all right up front. Crotchless panties are typically reserved for your most treasured intimate encounters; they aren't exactly practical wear for lounging around the office or heading out for a jog. Some women opt for crotchless if they are feeling particularly self-confident or need a little private ego boost to get through a rough day. Whatever your motivations, crotchless panties are certainly a visual and tactile escape from your normal underwear routine.

Tips for Wear

If you decide to go crotchless, keep a few tips in the back of your mind. The full-coverage panel in standard underwear does serve a practical purpose: it keeps your most sensitive area protected from chafing against your clothes, and it creates a moisture barrier between your body and your outer layer of clothing. Removing that barrier can be irritating if you plan on wearing clothes over your crotchless panties, so limit your wear time or you'll be itching and squirming. If you're feeling a little sore after a waxing or razor-bump filled shaving session, make sure the elastic bands that hold the front and back panels of your crotchless underwear together don't dig into your skin, which will only make the discomfort worse.



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