Cropped Hair Cuts With a Side Flip

Flip your cropped hair to freshen your look.

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Let go of the standard even sides and balanced styles that have become so mundane and outdated. Instead, spiff up your hairstyle with a cropped cut that puts you evenly in step with the modern urbanite. Cropped cuts with a side flip will give you even more personality and pizzazz.


With really sharp scissors, cut your hair into various lengths. You can do the crop on short, medium and long hair, although the flip works best on chin-length styles. The key is to literally chop off the ends of your tresses so that they hang in wildly different lengths. You'll need a razor to taper the ends of your hair so that it behaves in the ways you want it to. Once you've got the uneven cut, grab a tube of gel or hardening cream and work the ends so they flip and stick out in a different manner every day.

Working It

Work the gel into your hair and with your fingers flip it up on the right side on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on the left side on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Go crazy on Friday and flip both sides out at the same time. Let your going-out-on-the-town outfit determine the sides you'll flip on weekends or just let it go all natural and flip whichever way it decides without your intervention. Once you've achieved the desired flip, spray it into place and hit the door.

Asymmetrical Illusions

The cropped bob uses a more traditional cut in which the ends are more or less even around your head, with points cut into the ends to make them a little raggedy. Cut one side shorter than the other for a more dramatic appeal that allows you to put your hair behind your ear on one side and flip the other side out. For another take on the asymmetrical cropped bob, cut the short side so that the points highlight your eyes or cheekbones. That side will lie flat against your face. Use a curling iron to exact a flip on the long side and spray it lightly so it retains a little swing when you walk.


The cropped cut is so versatile that you can literally pull a ski cap over your head and flip the sides out for the cutest look on the slopes or at outdoor gatherings. Leave your bob long enough to tack it up for more formal occasions. Leave a tendril or two to hang down alongside your jawline and flip it with a little gel and a touch of the curling iron. Flip your side in for an entirely different look that might work best in professional settings or flip one side under and another side out for a retro party-girl look.

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