How to Create an Upswept Hairdo

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Every woman has been there before: sitting in front of the mirror, stumped as to how to style her hair. Updos are sexy and sophisticated, but how in the world can you create one that's not complicated? It's easier than you think! All you need are a few key tools and a little know-how, and you'll be whipping up gorgeous updos in under five minutes. Now your only problem is figuring out what to do with all your new-found free time!


Pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Leave a chunk of hair loose next to your face.


Wrap the ponytail around the hair elastic to create a bun. Pin the ends under the base of the bun with bobby pins. This sexy 'do isn't like the tight, stiff buns ballerinas sport onstage; this is loose, casual and suggestive. If a few strands slip out of the bun, don't fret; this 'do isn't meant to be perfect. A few imperfections here and there just make it that much more alluring.


Twist the loose chunk of hair around a heated curling iron with a 1.25-inch barrel. Twirl the iron away from your face. Hold in place for 10 seconds, then release. Adding a little wave to this section of hair makes it appear as though it fell loose from your updo naturally. It adds a bit of mystery to your style, for a look that's understated and sexy -- not to mention flirtatious.


Lock your style in place with a light mist of hairspray. Liberally spray it on the upswept portion of your 'do to make it really hold. Brace yourself -- you're about to be the recipient of compliments from admirers you pass on the street!

Things You'll Need


1.Hair elastic

3.1.25-inch barrel curling iron

2.Bobby pins

4.Flexible-hold hairspray


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