How to Create Side-Swept Bangs with an Invisible Part in a Quick Weave

Cut side-swept bangs after you put in the weave.

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Side-swept bangs frame your face, calling attention to your features and your eyes. Show off your best assets by adding side-swept bangs to your invisible-part weave. Use human hair to create this weave, since you can style it just like your natural hair. If you're flying DIY, it might take two to three runs before you can put up the weave like a pro, but you'll get there.


Parting is the first step of the invisible weave process, and it also lets you create that desired side bang. Carefully create the part you want, bangs and all, using a wide-tooth comb. Since the weave goes on over your part but doesn't cover your part, take the time to get it neat and clean.


Before you apply the weave hair, you've got to secure your natural hair, which also provides the base. Separate your natural hair into eight to 10 sections, taking care to maintain the side part. Cornrow your natural hair from forehead to neck, securing your hair with a hair elastic. Include all of your natural hair in the cornrows. The weave hair goes on right over the cornrows.

Attaching the Weave Hair

Use a weave needle and thread to sew weave hair over the cornrow base. Sew the ends of your cornrows together first to create the base. Sew one weft of hair to the ends of the cornrows, cutting the weave hair just before it hits your ears. Sew the next weft 1 inch above the first. Work up to your crown in this way. Divide remaining wefts into 1-inch strips. Attach these to the face-framing hair using bonding glue. Dab glue on the hair, wait up to 10 seconds for it to become tacky and press it to the hair. Keep your part visible.


Now that you've got your weave in, pull the hair you want to use as fringe down over your face. Use haircutting scissors to cut the hair to the length you want for your bangs. Go slowly and check your work in a mirror. Stop when you've reached a length that looks right on your face.

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