How to Create Large Ringlet Curls

A curling iron held vertically can create large ringlet curls.

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You love the romantic, flowing look of ringlets, but your efforts so far have left you more Curly Sue than Nicole Kidman. Creating ringlets -- especially large ringlets -- can take some practice, but new hairstyling tools will ease your efforts. With some additional help from frizz-reducing, shine-enhancing products that hold your curls in place, you’ll be pulling off the large ringlet look in no time.


Apply a frizz-fighting cream to damp hair before drying your hair. This can help to make your ringlets more defined and smooth, so your hair will appear shiny and bouncy. You don’t have to use too much -- a dime- or quarter-size drop will do.


Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser attachment if your hair is naturally curly. This will enhance your curls instead of flattening them as traditional blow dryers often do. Dry until your hair is about 90 percent dry and leave it to the air to dry your hair the rest of the way.


Spray your hair with a heat-protective spray gel. The gel will help to hold and define your curls while the heat-protective part will keep the heat from damaging your hair as you create your ringlets.


Use a styling wand or spiral curlers to achieve your ringlets. A styling wand is a new take on the traditional curling iron where you wrap your hair around the vertically held wand. This creates larger spirals quickly and easily. Count to five, then release your hair from the wand. Another spiral styling option is spiral curlers, which look like little bendable sticks. Starting from the bottom, roll hair on a large-size stick, then bend the stick to set the curl in place. After about 15 minutes, unroll to reveal loose ringlets.


Apply a medium-hold hairspray to your hair to set your ringlets in place. The last thing you want is all your hard work to fall out of place.

Things You'll Need


1.Anti-frizz cream

3.Heat-protective spray gel

5.Medium-hold hairspray

2.Hair dryer with diffuser

4.Styling wand or spiral rollers


Tips & Tricks


You don’t need to use a high heat setting on your curling iron unless your hair is very thick. Otherwise, a lower setting will work just as well and cause less damage.

Your hair should be completely dry before you start using heat styling products. Otherwise you run the very real risk of causing breakage or burning your hair.


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