Crazy Hair Colors to Make Hazel Eyes Stand Out

Enhance your hazel eyes with tangerine hair, like musician Hayley Williams.

Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you love your hazel eyes and happen to have a penchant for crazy hair color, your eyes are about to receive quite a boost. When it comes to playing with color, certain shades work together to make one another pop -- choose hues that work with hazel eyes and let the principles of color theory play out without lifting a finger! And a super-bold hair color will naturally draw people's eyes to your face, placing double the attention on those pretty peepers of yours.

Medium Golden Brown Hair with Light Purple Tips

You've got a double-whammy with this one, particularly if your hazel eyes include a strong mix of gold and green hues. You'll want to go with a base color of medium golden brown -- the bold golden tones will draw out the amber-gold tones in your irises. Now for those purple tips -- your hair stylist will likely have to bleach your tips and then dye them with a light purple hue, blending the color into the brown as well so your color appears seamless. If you've ever worn purple eyeshadow, you know it makes the green in your eyes jump out like crazy. Get ready for dazzling eyes.


If your hazel eyes happen to have little specks of reddish-orange, this super-warm hue will work wonders on those optic wonders of yours. Think neon orange with bold, reflective gold and yellow tones. Here's the deal -- go for tangerine only if you have a warm skin tone. This fiery hue will bring out not only the warm amber and orange tones in your eyes, but the yellow undertones in your skin as well. So cool-toned girls should skip this one.

Hot Pink

This girly color coaxes out the green in your hazel eyes. Why? Red and green are across from each other on the color wheel -- these complements make each other jump out in contrast. When you lighten red and green up, you get pink and light green. Simple yet super effective. If you have a warm complexion, opt for a warm pink with peach tones in it. For cool skin, opt for a cool pink with purple tones.

Pastel Green Peek-a-boo Streaks

The idea of putting green in your hair might come across as beyond crazy. However, it's all about the tone. Skip the neon greens and go for a soft pastel instead, so your hair looks less radioactive and more earthy pretty. A pale, powdery mint green hue is super muted and will look beautiful on any skin tone. Instead of bold streaks that will look striped, ask your stylist for peek-a-boo streaks that peek out from beneath other layers of hair -- the hint of hue will enhance the green tone of your eyes. Oh, and if your eyes happen to have any soft blue tones, the pastel will make those pop, too.

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