Cowlick Hairstyles for Women

Work with your cowlick instead of trying to eliminate it

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A pesky cowlick can make it seem like styling your hair is impossible. No matter how much product you put on it and no matter how much you try to comb it away, the cowlick always sticks up, out or to the side. For some, straightening hair is the only answer, but if you want to wear your hair curly, don't try to get rid of your cowlick; instead, work around it. Persistently unruly and vigilant strands of hair can be tamed or completely masked with the right hairstyle.

Curls and Wisps

If you've got a persistent cowlick, consider the direction. Is it near your crown or your forehead? Is it toward the nape of your neck? Wearing your hair curly can completely mask a cowlick, but you have to make sure your strands curl in the direction of your cowlick. If your hair is naturally straight, use a curling iron to blend your cowlick with tamed, calculated curls. If your hair is naturally curly, use a curl-enhancing spray or frizz-eliminating cream to boost your wave and mask your cowlick.

Stick Straight

You might think that a cowlick is impossible to mask with straight hair, but a hair straightener packs enough power to straighten out even the toughest strands. While your hair is still wet, apply a styling mousse because it helps tame your hair when it's dry. Blow-dry your hair using a round brush with boar bristles -- your hair is most likely to respond to this kind of bristle -- then use a flat iron to smooth out your hair. If locks are unruly but healthy, you can hold the straightener on your hair for up to five seconds. Any more than that could cause heat damage.

Train Your Hair

Your hair can actually be trained to naturally eliminate cowlicks. Hairstylist Garren spoke to "Allure" and recommended a low part at the opposite side of your cowlick. This will weight the cowlick down and mask it, and also train your hair to lay flat. You can also train your hair by brushing it frequently in the opposite direction of the cowlick. Over time, this will help your hair grow in the right direction; however, combing your hair too much can cause breakage.

Haircuts To Avoid

If you have a cowlick in front, avoid bangs at all costs. Bangs are unruly enough as it is for women who have well-behaved hair, but a cowlick can make them near impossible to style. Thick, blunt bangs are likely to split or curl, giving you a messy, disheveled look, but if you happen to have bangs anyway, you can tame them by acting fast. Blow-dry bangs directly after getting out of the shower. If they dry naturally before you get a chance to blow-dry them your cowlick will be stuck in place until you completely wet your hair again. Blow-drying when your hair is completely wet should kick your cowlick.

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