What CoverGirl Lipstain Is Best for Dark Skin?


Sure lipstick is fun, colorful, and in most cases long-lasting. However, it can also be pretty messy at times, with it getting on your teeth and on your clothing. Which is why lipstain is so cool because it tints your lips with a wash of color that appears natural. Beauty titan CoverGirl got in the lipstain game with a bevy of colors that flatter all skin tones, especially gorgeous dark skin. Check out the lipstain colors that stand out against your deep-hued complexion.

Everbloom Kiss

When you have a darker complexion you always want to remember that your skin absorbs the light, so more color is needed (and welcomed) to stand out against your skin tone. Since lipstain has a more sheer wash of color than traditional lipcolors, it's essential that ladies with dark skin opt for brighter shades. CoverGirl lipstain in Everbloom Kiss is a bold, hot pink/fuchsia shade that looks fabulous against dark skin because of the stunning contrast it provides. This color is also a statement-maker due to its highly pigmented tone, so the rest of your makeup should be kept subtle to allow this lipstain to be the focal point of your face.

Cinnamon Smile

For a more subtle, neutral shade that's great for daily wear, CoverGirl has a lipstain color called Cinnamon Smile that blends in quite nicely with the rich tones of dark skin. Cinnamon Smile is a lovely combination of nude and brown that gives your lips a soft look that complements instead of overpowers. Often it can be a little tricky to find the appropriate natural shade for dark complexions because they fade into the background, so the mixing of colors with this lipstain is an easy way to eliminate some of the guesswork involved.

Saucy Plum

The combination of hints of brown and purple come together to create a beautiful lipstain color by CoverGirl called Saucy Plum. Sometimes a plum lipcolor shade can appear extreme with the deep, dark color that dominates the rest of your makeup. But Saucy Plum is more subtle due to the incorporation of softer plum and deeper brown, two colors that look stunning on dark skin. This color is subtle enough for day, but packs enough punch for night, and it won't disappear into dark skin the way many darker shades do.

Wild Berry Wink

Pink is that flirty, feminine shade that seems to either be too extreme in color intensity or too subtle; the search for the middle is endless. But when you find the right shade of pink that combines the best of both color spectrums, you snap it up fast. CoverGirl lipstain in Wild Berry Wink is a nice shade of pink that won't fade into the background of a dark complexion, while being appropriate for day and nighttime wear. Wild Berry Pink has hints of coral, dark and light pink, which gives it a versatile tone.

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