The Best Cover-Up for Scabs

Concealer can keep your legs looking gorgeous -- and scab-free!

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Not only are scabs on your body reminders of painful incidents, they don't look too hot, either. Instead of a large scab on your knees from rollerblading forcing you to wear long pants all month, why not invest in an effective cover-up? Never allow minor imperfections to have an effect on your style!


One smart and easy way to cover up scabs is by applying body concealer, which is specially labeled and can be found at many department stores and online beauty retailers, though generally not at drugstores. Look for a creamy formula that absorbs rapidly into your skin, making it so that your scab practically never existed. To optimize your efforts, use a healing body concealer that not only will conceal your flaw, but will also encourage fast healing with soothing components such as aloe vera, vitamin E, tea tree oil, green tea extracts or chamomile.


Although scabs tend to be more common on the body, they also can show up on your face, often as a result of picking at a blemish -- ugh. Instead of literally hiding your face from the world, opt for a foundation that is formulated specifically to cover up skin issues, from scabs to patches of discoloration. Seek out a glycerin-based, oil-free foundation that will smooth out your skin -- and scabs -- all without giving it that cake-like, heavy and overwhelming feeling.


If you're an active type, the last thing you want is a body makeup that will quickly wear off in the pool or even after you sweat from a game of tennis. Because of this, a water-resistant body concealer is a must-have. Seek out a dimethicone-infused product that aims to remain in place on your body for a maximum of 12 hours. Stop feeling insecure that your scars are showing from under your makeup, and go water-resistant!


One fun and playful way to temporarily obscure your scab is by applying a body bronzing lotion. Not only will your skin get a sexy, sun-kissed glow, but the product will also draw attention away from the scab and any other body imperfections. Use a copolymer-based bronzes that will conceal your flaws, while simultaneously nourishing and moisturizing your skin with the antioxidant vitamin E -- a definite plus.

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