How to Cover Up a Razor Burn

Hide away razor burn in a few easy steps.

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Razor burn can leave you with more than just a feeling of irritation. It can also leave your skin looking bumpy, red and inflamed. Razor burn is a harmless condition but annoying and unsightly nonetheless. If your razor burn is keeping you from wearing your favorite short skirt or is an eyesore, you can cover it up while it heals.


Apply a warm compress to your razor burn before you do anything else. The Mayo Clinic website recommends this since it can help soothe the burn and redness associated with razor burn. If you also apply a hydrocortisone cream, your razor burn will be less noticeable.


Apply a lightweight moisturizer to the area. The type of moisturizer you use will depend on what area you have razor burn. For example, you would use a lightweight moisturizer designed for the face if your razor burn is on your face or neck. Otherwise, a lightweight body moisturizer will do the trick on other areas of your body.


Apply a cream concealer over the area. A cream concealer that you apply in dabbing motions with a clean sponge applicator will help to conceal both the bumps and redness that you are probably experiencing from your razor burn.


Follow up with a thin layer of foundation in the same color as your skin and then a light dusting of translucent powder to set the whole thing.

Things You'll Need


1.Warm compress

3.Cream concealer


2.Lightweight moisturizer

4.Sponge applicator

6.Translucent powder


Tips & Tricks


Avoid razor burn in the future by using a fresh, sharp razor and a good shaving cream each time you shave. You can also choose to wax or use a depilatory in lieu of shaving.


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