How to Cover Up Eyebrow Wax Burns

Hot wax burns are a bummer, but they're easy to cover up.

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Got eyebrow wax burns? Yeow! Hot wax is one way to remove straggly eyebrow hairs or a unibrow. Waxing creates a cleaner surface but it's also unforgiving. And the key word here is hot. The skin around your eyes is a delicate area; paper thin, in fact. Hot wax can singe and cause blotches if your skin is extra sensitive - just what you need as you're scooting out for a hot date. If you need a cover up for your beet-red boo boo, dig into your makeup bag to hide your hurt.


Before you try to cover up, slather up. Apply soothing aloe vera gel which will cool down your skin and put the kibosh on pain. Not only will it take away the pain, the aloe vera plant has properties that will help stimulate healing. Treating the burn first will make it less obvious as the night -- and week -- goes on.


Dig into your makeup bag and drag out the foundation. Gently pat on a thin layer on the burn area. Liquid foundation may feel light but it helps camouflage your burns. A light touch is needed so you don't get a cakey look. And don't rub! You will only make your skin raw and redder.


Dab on a light-reflective concealer to brighten up your boo-boo instantly. Make sure it's a touch thicker than your foundation so it doesn't slide south into the crease of your eye. Brush lightly to blend in. The right color matched to your own skin will result in a better look.


If your burns are under the brow line, swipe on a soft eyeshadow color to mask the redness. Blend as well as you can without irritating the lid. Thick eyeshadow that doesn't look natural or has an obvious line will draw more attention to the area than any red mark ever could.


If your burns are above the brows and you're rocking a set of bangs, mold them around and over the burn to hide it. Just dab on some hairstyling gel and work with what you've got. You don't want to use a finishing spray to hold the brows in place, though. That would be like adding fuel to your brow fire.

Things You'll Need


1.Aloe vera gel

3.Makeup sponge




6.Styling gel


Tips & Tricks


If your brows are super-bushy, you should have them waxed by a pro.


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