How to Cover Up Dark Spots on My Face

Disguise facial dark spots with creative beauty treatments.

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Everyone has an imperfection or two -- even the most glamorous girls hitting the red carpet each night. If your imperfections include dark spots on your face, there's no need to go into hiding. Tackle facial flaws with class by covering up dark spots in a flash. From at-home beauty remedies to office procedures, your solution is in sight to put you back in the spotlight with a clear complexion and a flawless skin tone.


Prepare your face for a coverup makeover by washing your face with a mild cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. Gently rub the cleanser into your skin and rinse with a washcloth and warm water. To keep your skin crystal clear, wash at least twice a day to keep dark spots from collecting bacteria.


Dab a thin layer of concealer to the dark spots on your face. Use a tint that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to offset the dark spots. Coat your entire face with a liquid foundation, rubbing gently over dark spots. Don't rough it up -- harsh rubbing will wipe away the concealer. Set the style by fluffing on loose powder.


Slap on sunscreen and head to the beach to blend in those dingy dark spots. Applying a daily coat to protect your skin from the sun can help build a stunning tan while working to minimize the appearance of skin imperfections. If your skin is oily or acne prone, opt for an oil-free sunscreen to prevent blemish blunders.


Apply an anti-aging cream with retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids or vitamin C. Ward off wrinkles early on and blend in those dark spots on your face at the same time. Gently dab on the cream according to the package directions following your daily cleansing routine. If your skin is dry, check with your dermatologist to see if this option is too harsh for your skin.


Peel off dark skin with a professional chemical peel. A dermatologist or skin care therapist can remove layers of damaged skin cells to improve your skin's silky texture and cover up the dark layers of skin that are cramping your style.

Things You'll Need


1.Wash cloth


5.Face powder

7.Anti-aging cream

2.Mild cleanser

4.Liquid foundation


8.Chemical peel


Tips & Tricks


For reddish-toned dark spots, opt for a yellow or green-tinted concealer to tone down the red.

Identify the cause of dark spots prior to treatment. Consult with your physician to determine if your skin imperfections have an underlying cause.


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