Cosmetics That Contain Peptides

Moisturizers contain peptides, which have anti-aging properties.

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In a perfect world, your skin would stay just as even-textured, line-less and clear as you would want it to be. The reality check is that wrinkles will happen to every girl -- yes, even you! -- but this doesn't mean you can't slow down their progression. That’s where peptides can come in -- they help to repair the elastic fibers in your skin that are breaking down a little faster than you're comfortable with. Cosmetic manufacturers add these proteins into skincare products so you can look as young and fabulous as you feel.

What Are Peptides?

Pinch a small amount of the skin on your face. If it bounces immediately back into place, you have collagen to thank. These elastic protein fiber strands keep your skin from looking wrinkles. When they break down, you’ll start to see the first signs of aging, from laugh lines to crow’s feet. Peptides can come in because they consist of amino acids, which are components of protein that help to encourage collagen production. Applying products that contain peptides are thought to increase the amount of collagen strands in your skin, helping you to prevent the onset of wrinkles.

Eye Cream

Bad news: As you age, the skin underneath your eyes starts to get weaker and thinner, which makes it easier for you to experience large under-eye circles, eye swelling and wrinkles. Since you probably want to prevent that as much as possible, cosmetic manufacturers incorporate peptides into eye creams to help rebuild damaged fibers underneath your eyes. Apply them after you moisturize your skin to help keep it looking young and firm.


Skincare serums are a cross between a gel and a liquid and can be applied before your moisturizer to keep active ingredients closest to your skin. Cosmetic manufacturers add peptides and aging fighters such as vitamin C to serums to help reduce fine lines and improve your skin tone. Because serums can contain more highly active ingredients, they can prove to be potent treatments for delivering anti-aging peptides right to your skin.


You count on your moisturizer to keep your skin looking good today, but applying a moisturizer that contains peptides can make it look better tomorrow too. Jasmina Aganovic, a chemist, biological engineer and owner of a skincare website interviewed in “Allure” magazine recommends starting to apply a moisturizer that contains peptides when you turn 30 -- although applying a peptide-containing moisturizer before then likely won’t hurt either.

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