Correct Way to Roller-Wrap Hair

A roller-wrapped 'do means wrapping just your crown with rollers.

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Wrap it up! Your hair, that is. A roller-wrap hairstyle combines smoothness with just the right amount of curl for a hot, sexy look. When you give yourself a roller set, you curl all of your hair, but when you roller wrap, you set only the hair on your crown. The result is a 'do that lasts for days, requiring little more than a shot of hair oil here and there to keep the ends sleek and frizz-free.


Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and allow it to air dry until it is only slightly damp. Apply a thin layer of shea butter hair cream (also known as hair butter) to your hair and comb it through with a wide-toothed comb. Section off the hair in the area of your crown using a rat-tail comb. The crown of your head is exactly what it sounds like -- the area of hair where your royal crown sits, princess!


Comb your crown section, removing all knots, and clip the hair on top of your head using a butterfly or duckbill clip. The remainder of your hair, meaning your bangs, sides and back, should hang freely -- for now.


Gather all of the loose hair and tie it back in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. This keep it out of the way when you roller wrap your crown. Your bangs won't fit into the ponytail, so tie them into their own little ponytail at your forehead. You may look a little silly now but the result will be worth it.


Get to rolling! Unclip your crown hair, letting it flow freely. Now pick your rollers. The size of roller you choose depends on the length of your hair. The larger the roller, the more volume your hair will have. But your hair must wrap around the roller at least one time.


Insert the first roller. Make a horizontal part (using the handle of the rat-tail comb) equal to the length of the roller. Make another part 1 inch below the part you just made. This will be the section that you roll first. Whew -- finally!


Comb the section straight up in the air. Hold the hair in the air, put down the comb and pick up the roller. Wrap the ends of your hair around the roller (toward you) and roll downward toward your scalp. Secure the roller with a clip. Repeat the process, parting and rolling until your entire crown contains rollers.


Undo the ponytail that you made at the nape of your neck, and yes, undo your bangs, too. Brush your bangs to the left or the right; which side you choose is completely up to you. Use a wide, natural hair paddle brush. But don't just stop at the bangs! Continue to brush all of your hair (except for the hair in rollers) in the same direction you brushed the bangs.


Brush and brush, sweeping all of your hair in the same direction until it is completely wrapped around your head. Keep the sweep in place with a few duckbill clips.


Sit under a hooded dryer to dry the hair wrapped around your head and the hair wrapped in the rollers. Check your hair for dryness after 30 minutes by unrolling one of the rollers three-quarters of the way. If your hair is not dry, give it some more time under the dryer, checking every 15 minutes thereafter. You're almost there!


Remove all rollers and clips once your hair is dry. Unwrap your hair from around your head and let it hang loose. Give your head a shake, loosening your curls. Apply some hair oil to your fingertips and run your fingers through your hair, giving it a sleek, yet tousled look. Voila! It's a wrap!

Things You'll Need


1.Clarifying shampoo

3.Wide-toothed comb

5.Butterfly clip

7.Rollers and clips

9.Hair oil

2.Shea butter hair cream

4.Rat-tail comb

6.Duckbill clip

8.Wide natural-hair paddle brush


Tips & Tricks


If you don't have the patience to sit under the dryer, wrap your hair in the evening and allow it to set while you sleep. Simply tie a satin scarf around your hair to protect the roller wrap overnight. Remove it in the morning and finger style your locks.

Only apply a thin layer of hair butter to your locks. Slathering it on will make your hair too heavy to curl.


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