How to Correct Over Processed Permed Hair

Help your over-processed hair rebound with some TLC.

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Perming your hair may be an easy fix at first, resulting in straight and silky locks. However, the love affair with that box of chemicals ends quickly when you're left with fried and finished hair. After crying to your girlfriends and your stylist, it's time to take action. There are ways to correct over-processed permed hair, but you have to get to it immediately!


Stop perming your hair and using heat styling products. Until you know how you want to proceed, you will continue to do damage. Even if you have to give your Chi to your best girlfriend, do it so you will stop using it for the moment.


Book an appointment with a trained hairstylist. You need to face the music and assess just how bad the damage is. If you have a slew of split ends and broken off pieces of hair, characterized by dry, brittle locks, it may be best to chop it all off and start anew. However, only a trained stylist can tell you if your hair can be saved.


Follow a strict hair care regimen. Work with your stylist on the best way to care for your damaged locks. Perms strip your hair of moisture, which is why damage ensues. Most regimens include a regular wash and condition, to keep hair healthy, clean and nourished. However, you also likely need to do a deep conditioning once every week or two, and use a leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair.


Get your ends clipped every six weeks. On the road to your hair's comeback of a lifetime, these appointments are super important. Removing the damaged hair leaves room for the healthier hair to grow in.


Avoid all tight hairstyles and heat, where possible. Okay, so now that you know what the damage is, you can ask for your Chi back, but only if you promise to use it sparingly. The more you can let your hair be free, the faster it will rebound. This means no coloring, perming, minimal heat styling and no tight hairstyles. Forgo your nightly cheerleader ponytail for a loose braid--with no hair bands--down your back instead.

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