How to Correct Hair Color With Violet Toner

Use a violet toner to erase brassiness from your blonde dye job.

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It may be hard to believe, but slathering a violet toner on your hair won't make you look like Barney the big purple dinosaur. If your blonde dye job comes out looking more brassy orange or yellow than you'd hoped, using a violet hair toner can get your locks closer to a natural-looking light blonde hue. Stop in at a beauty supply shop to pick up a bottle of violet toner and head home to fix your hair color gone wrong and bring your mane back to a believable, beautiful blonde.


Wash your hair and dry it lightly with a towel to get ready to paint your tresses purple.


Tip your bottle of toner out into a small bowl and use a hair dye brush to apply the toner all over your hair from root to tip. Make sure you soak your strands with the purple stuff to prevent uneven skunk stripes.


Take a break with a sleazy romance novel or fashion magazine for about 30 to 45 minutes while the violet toner works its purple magic on your head. After 30 minutes, rinse off a test piece of your hair to see if your color is looking fab yet.


When your test piece gets where you want it to be, hop in the shower or dunk your head in the sink to completely rinse out the toner.


Give your hair a blow dry and enjoy your fantastically toned look. If you want to keep the brassiness at bay, invest in a violet toning shampoo and use that baby once a week in the shower to keep your hair looking light and lovely.

Things You'll Need



3.Small bowl

5.Violet toning shampoo


4.Hair dye brush


Tips & Tricks


Hit the beauty supply shop and ask a friendly store employee to help you pick out an appropriate violet hair toner to get your locks to the color you want.

Look for a toner that does not contain ammonia. Since you just dyed your hair, give your strands a rest and use a color-infusing toner instead of a product that contains ammonia to avoid stripping your hair and making it brittle and unhealthy.


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