How to Correct Gold Tones in Hair Color

A few easy steps will get you the blond you're looking for.

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You're not the first person to aim for blond and end up being saddled with a head full of overly gold locks. If you want to tame that yellowish hue, it's as easy as calling in gold's nemesis -- violet. A little color correction with some help from a violet drabber and you'll be showing those gold tones the door in no time.


Get to your local beauty supply store and pick up a bottle of neutral-based, liquid semi-permanent hair color in the same level as your current hair color and a bottle of violet drabber. You'll also need a bottle of 10-volume liquid (not cream) developer, a color bottle and some latex gloves.


Once at home, mix the entire bottle of semi-permanent hair color with the recommended amount of 10-volume developer and a cap full of the violet drabber in the color bottle. Screw the lid onto the bottle, cover the opening in the tip with your gloved hand and shake until well-mixed.


Apply the color all throughout your hair, from root to tip. Set a timer for 20 minutes and let that violet-tinted hair color give that nasty gold the boot.


When the time has elapsed, rinse the color out and follow with a dose of conditioner for color-treated hair to seal the deal. Rinse again with cool water and enjoy your new, gold-free hair color.

Things You'll Need


1.Semi-permanent hair color

3.Color bottle


2.10-volume developer

4.Latex gloves


Tips & Tricks


When choosing your new hair color, pick a neutral (read "no gold") base if your hair is slightly too gold, or an ash-based color if your hair is akin to a brick of gold. The base you choose will depend on how much gold tone you need to get rid of.

Don't use more than a cap full of the violet toner. That stuff is pretty potent and too much could result in you trading in your gold hair for a purple shade.


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