How to Cornrow Synthetic Hair

Braiding cornrows can be a simple process.

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Cornrows are a hot hairstyle that you can rock any time of year. When you add extensions, the sky is the limit at what kind of funky designs you can create. If you are a workout diva or just have a busy lifestyle, then this style is for you. Cornrows are low maintenance and last for a couple of weeks if properly cared for. By using a few simple techniques you can have gorgeous braids in no time.


Using a rat-tail comb, create a vertical part on either side of your head. The part should extend from the front hairline, all the way down to the nape of the neck.


Take a strip of synthetic hair about 1/2 an inch wide and fold it in half. The more synthetic hair you use, the thicker the braid.


Take the synthetic hair and loop it around the natural hair section. You will have three pieces of hair with the natural hair being the middle piece.


Take the right synthetic strand and bring it over the top of the middle natural strand. Then take the left synthetic strand and bring it over the middle natural strand. As you braid past the natural hair, pull a pieces of hair from your synthetic hair to make a new middle section. Continue to braid synthetic hair into the natural hair all the way down to the length of the braid that you want. Cut any excess synthetic hair off.


Carefully take a lighter and melt the end of the synthetic braid. Or, you can use elastic bands to secure the ends of each braid.

Things You'll Need


1.Rat-tail comb



4.Elastic bands


Tips & Tricks


Make sure you braid past your natural hair in order to not burn your hair when lighting the ends.


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