How to Cornrow Black Hair to Glue in Extensions

No one will see the tight cornrow base beneath your glued-in extensions.

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Cornrows make a neat, invisible base for glued-in hair extensions or wefts. It can be tricky to get this technique down on your own, so practice on a friend's hair until your fingers know the drill. Once you lay the base and glue the weft extensions, you're free from the dreaded "bad hair day" for one to two months!


Shampoo and condition your locks before you do the cornrows. Post-shower, blot water from the hair and allow your hair to dry before continuing. You can hit it up with the blow dryer to speed things along.


Section off the front of your hair -- from the crown of the head forward -- using a hair elastic. This hair covers up your glued-in extensions for a natural look. If you don't leave it out, everyone will see your tracks -- a definite fail.


Section off the bottom inch of your hair at the back of the head for the first cornrow. To create a weave track, you'll work horizontally from one side of the head to the other instead of vertically from front to back. Use a rat tail comb to get a clean part. Pin everything above that bottom inch up, out of your way.


Divide the inch of hair into three sections, beginning at either the left or right side. Begin a three-strand braid, working a couple of rotations.


Add hair to the middle section, then work another rotation. You'll have a new strand in the center now. Again add hair to the middle and keep braiding.


Work across from right to left (or vice versa), feeding hair into the braid through the middle strand. That's the secret to the cornrow braid. Secure the hair with a hair elastic when you get to the end of the row.


Let down another inch of hair just above the first row. Make a second cornrow just like the first. Work your way up to the crown of the head, creating 1-inch wide horizontal cornrows.

Things You'll Need




5.Hair elastics


4.Blow dryer (optional)

6.Rat tail comb


Tips & Tricks


Once you have the cornrow tracks sets, it's time to glue in the extensions. Use a small amount of bonding glue to secure the weft hair to your cornrows.

Don't get glue directly on your scalp.


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