Is Conditioner Necessary for Hair?

Do you really need conditioner?

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It's easy to have a love/hate relationship with conditioner. For some, using a conditioner can make their hair glimmer in the sunlight and bounce off their shoulders. For others, it just results in a grease pit. Instead of running out to buy the next miracle product, take a moment to consider your hair condition and type. Then you can decide if conditioner is really necessary at all.

Dry Hair

Some of you are constantly fighting against the frizz monster, particular curly girls. Your hair needs conditioner because the natural oils from the scalp have a tough time reaching the ends of the hair. Moistening conditioners are wonderful for dry hair because it adds to the natural oil supply. Conditioning also helps with detangling, smoothing down cuticles and giving your hair that silky feeling.

Damaged Hair

Hair that has suffered from breakage and split ends definitely needs prescription from Dr. Conditioner. Choosing a conditioner that contains protein and amino acids will help ease breakage and repair hair cuticles. Just don't use too much, or the protein in the conditioner will make your hair feel hard. Moisture-rich conditioners can also fight against split ends

Oily Hair

First you must come to grips with how oily your hair and scalp truly is. Some conditioners may make your hair even greasier and just weigh it down. If you want to receive the benefits of a conditioner without looking like a grease head, try using a lightweight or spray conditioner. Use it only on the hair strands and not the scalp in order to avoid any unwanted excess oil.

Color-Treated Hair

You have dynamite hair color, but your hair feels dry and brittle. You should use a moisturizing crème conditioner to maintain moisture levels and smooth down cuticles. You especially want to do this if you have bleached your strands. Choosing a conditioner made for colored-treated hair can also help to preserve your luxurious hair color.

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