Concealer for Freckles Under the Eyes

Concealer allows you to keep your freckles as hidden or as visible as you would like.

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Freckles under your eyes are extremely cute, but sometimes you just want to cover them up or create an even skin tone that let's the adorable spots peek through. Whichever you want, the right concealer can provide several options. With all the concealers available, it's often tricky to know which one does what you want and how you should apply it. The right concealer for under eye freckles help flaunt your fabulous face, making you feel confident and sexy.

Liquid Concealer With Damp Sponge

If you're in the mood to cover those spots up completely, you'll need to pull out the big guns. Applying liquid concealer with a damp sponge is your best bet at hiding your freckles so that no one can notice them. Use as little as possible, to prevent your face from looking caked and dry. The wet sponge helps the concealer go on flawlessly and provides you with the coverage you need.

Ultra Sheer Concealer

Ultra sheer concealer should be your go-to makeup when you want to even out your tone, but still let those cute freckles under your eyes make an appearance. Sheer concealer is a bit more translucent than the regular variety and doesn't provide as much coverage, which is perfect for when you want some of your darling spots to come through. Look for the word "sheer" on the label to know this is right concealer. Use a sponge or your finger to blend the makeup into your skin and use as light of a touch as possible. The sheer concealer makes your under eye area look even, but won't totally drown out your freckles.

Powder Concealer

Powder concealer does a good job at keeping your freckles under wraps. Use your fingers or a pad to blot the concealer on the freckles. Choose a powder concealer that is the same color as your skin. It will give your skin a nice, even tone and provide a soft glow. If you want your freckles to be hidden; however, you'll likely need to apply foundation. You could also dab some loose mineral powder that is the same shade as your skin tone over the concealer to keep things looking even and in place.

Liquid Concealer Applied With Brush

Applying concealer with a brush gives you an overall even look. However, this process is best at evening your tone, and not totally concealing the spots. Although the product will make them a little less visible, you'll still probably see the freckles poking out a little. Sweep the brush over your skin to achieve a look that is even and gorgeous.

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