Conair Ion Shine Hot Rollers Instructions

Get your curl on with Conair Ion Shine Hot Rollers.

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Turn up the volume on flat, blah hair with the Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Compact Styling Setter. Two different size rollers accommodate short, medium or long hair and put you in control of your look. Just plug it in and get ready to create springy, sassy ringlets or soft waves in 90 seconds. The compact setter comes in a travel-ready soft fabric pouch with 12 easy-to-use rollers, making it perfect for creating waves on the go.


Place hair setter on a flat surface, such as a countertop. Keeping the pouch lid closed, plug the cord into an electrical outlet. This product has a polarized plug, meaning one prong is wider than the other. For safety, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug doesn't fit in the outlet correctly, turn it over. If it still doesn't fit, stop and contact an electrician. Do not try to alter this safety feature on your own.


Once plugged in, the rollers will be ready to use in minutes. The quickest heat-up method is to keep the pouch lid closed. Once the rollers are hot, you can start curling your hair.


Conair Ion Shine Hot Rollers come with two size rollers, which create different size curls and accommodate different hair lengths. Medium rollers can be used on short or medium length hair to create body or more defined curls. Use this roller at the nape of the neck to create tight, face-framing curls. Use large rollers on medium to long hair to make looser, softer curls.


To wind your hair into the roller, place the ends of the hair in the teeth of the starter strip and wind toward your scalp. Roll, keeping your hair taut, and secure the roller with a clip by hooking the clip over roller.


The body of the curl is determined by how long you heat the roller prior to use, size of the roller used and the amount of time the roller is left in the hair. For tighter curls, use medium size rollers. For longer lasting curls, heat rollers for a longer period of time and leave in the hair longer before removing. For looser, more romantic curls, use large size rollers.


To remove the rollers, hold in one hand and take out the clip with the other hand. Carefully drop the roller --- without pulling --- and let the curl bounce back once roller has been removed. For a good set, let the curl cool for one minute before styling as desired.

Things You'll Need


1.Conair Ion Shine Hot Rollers

3.Styling products, as needed

2.Brush or comb


Tips & Tricks


Hot rollers should only be used on hair that is clean and dry or damp but never wet.

Do not leave your hair setter unattended when in use. Be sure to unplug the unit after use. Allow the setter to cool down before storage. Always store the unit safely.


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