How to Comb Short Hair

Always comb, never brush, hair while it's wet.

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When you have a good stylist who can keep you looking fashion-forward, short hair becomes a distinguishing part of your look. No matter how you like to style your hair -- punk rock, spiky, sleek or tousled -- combing is an essential part of your style routine. Comb after the shower as part of your beauty regimen, plus any time your 'do needs refreshing (before a night out or after a long day). While long-haired ladies can restyle their hair easily, cropped chicas need a little water to wet the hair before they can comb or style it.


Start with a wooden or synthetic comb. You're good with any kind but plastic, which can produce static in your hair and is more likely to break. Women with curly, kinky or textured hair should opt for a wide-toothed comb; the extra space between teeth allows them to pull the comb through without breaking and stretching the hair. Women with straight hair should choose a styling comb instead.


Spritz dry hair with water from a spray bottle to coat the hair follicles with moisture. The hair doesn't need to be sopping wet, but it should be damp to respond to a comb or a styling product. If you've just taken a shower, tousle dry your hair by squeezing it with a towel to remove extra moisture.


Look into a mirror and part your hair with your finger. Then begin at the bottom of your hair and comb through. If you encounter a tangled spot, work through it with the comb until you can run the comb through and then move upward along the hair shaft. Ladies with super short crops and pixies may find it easier to comb from the scalp down to the ends, as there's not much hair. That's fine. The main advantage of combing from the ends up is de-tangling, and tight cropped cuts don't have much cause to get tangles.


Comb through all sections of your hair, always working away from the crown of the head and not toward it. Even when you're combing from the ends to the roots, your motions should go down toward the ground and not up toward your head.


Check yourself in the mirror. Hello, gorgeous. Once you've combed your whole head, section hair into your favorite style, using the comb to push hair around.


Put a dollop of your favorite styling product in your palm. Rub this through your hair and style it for a sassy look.

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