What Colors Should I Wear if I am Very Pale, Freckled and Have Blue Eyes?

Dressing for your eye color and skin tone means finding colors that work with and contrast your natural undertones.

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If you have pale skin dappled with freckles and striking blue eyes, don't fret over what colors to wear. For fair skin, it is all about selecting those hues that are going to highlight and play up your natural gorgeous undertones. Most importantly, the colors you wear must not just highlight your undertones but in some cases contrast them. These clever colorful tactics draw attention to the purity of your fair skin and the sparkle in your blue eyes. Once you pick out out those shades, you will be well on your way to playing up your lovely glow.


Your skin tone can wear a very light almost cream yellow. But if you go for yellow, stick with the sherbet range to avoid being washed out -- this is never a good look. A subtle pale yellow will really bring out the sunny yellow undertones in your skin, especially if you are of a warm fair complexion. If your complexion is more cool fair with blue undertones, pale yellow will create a nice warming contrast. This yellow will also show up the depth of your striking blue eyes.


Pinks, including apricot and peachy shades, are perfect for your fair skin and blue eyes. The every-so-girly and feminine peachy-pink shades will add that natural sun-kissed warmth to your complexion. Wearing a subtle blush or baby pink will really highlight red undertones. These shades will also make your blue eyes pop. As a bonus, pink clothing will also play up the rose red in your cheeks and downplay freckles.


You'll be stopping traffic with a wink in the right shade of blue. A strong blue will not wash you out but will actually intensify the purity of your skin. As a fair-skinned woman, skip the lighter shades and shop for a navy or royal blue. Be brave enough to expose the fairness of your skin; this is daring but totally fashion forward. This will give your skin a porcelain white look and the blue will add limitless depth and a sharp quality to your eyes.


Don't rule out browns. Light shades such as beige or taupe will give you a very classic and trendy nude look but also add warmth to your complexion. Go for a cool camel coat -- very classic and oh-so chic. These shades also let your blue eyes steal the spotlight.

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