Colors That Match With Dark Skin

Alexandra Burke looks lovely in dark colors.

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Believe it or not, even if you're wearing the most flattering dress, it won't look good unless it's the right color. The same thing goes for hair and makeup. If you're not rocking colors that match your skin tone, you won't look as good as you could. If you've got dark skin, you're in luck. A variety of colors match your tone.

Clothing Colors

Gals with dark skin can totally pull off sporting both light and rich colors. Pink, yellow and lavender typically creates a nice contrast against your tone and brightens up your complexion. Darker shades like red and black flatter you because they bring out your skin's undertones. Additionally, eggplant-colored clothing is complementary, because it works with both cool and warm skin tones, says the Real Simple site. That means it will flatter you regardless of your tone.


When it comes to makeup, the sky is the limit for you. A variety of shades match your tone and leave you looking your best. First, find a foundation that matches your skin. Then, if you're African-American, swipe on some chocolate eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and skin-toned gloss for a natural look, says the "Fitness" website. Latina ladies can use metallic brown to brighten up their peepers and a sheer berry color on their pouts, recommends the "In Style" site.


Ladies with dark skin typically look their most runway-worthy when their hair looks natural. Black hair, along with dark and light brown hair, goes well with darker skin tones. Blonde and bright red often look unnatural and don't typically complement your dark skin. If you've got a warm skin tone, however, auburn, red and copper highlights can give your hair some dimension, says the "Elle" website. Ash-tinged highlights complement cool-toned skin. Take a peek at your veins to tell your tone -- blue veins typically mean cool tones, whereas green veins indicate a warm tone.

Knowing If the Color Works

After you slip on your clothes or do your hair or makeup, take a good look in the mirror and check out the way your skin looks. If your skin looks healthy and glowing, you've likely picked the right color. If you look like you've got a case of the stomach flu or you look tired or totally washed out, you'll have to choose a different shade. But once you find the right color, you'll look better than ever.

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