The Best Colors for Cool Skin Tones

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Got a cool skin tone? You can probably light up a room. You're also in good company--famous beauties like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alexis Bledel, Reese Witherspoon and Penelope Cruz all have cool skin tones. Cool skin tones are usually creamy with blue or pink undertones. If you don't know how to make the most of your skin, no worries -- you can rock a number of vibrant, fresh, fabulous colors.

Are You Really Cool?

Not sure if you really do have a cool skin tone? Fortunately, figuring it out is simpler than you think. Do you look better in silver jewelry than gold? Does wearing black seem to bring your skin to life? When you look at the veins in your arm, do they have a blue appearance? Grab a white piece of paper and hold it up next to your face. Does your skin look even more amazing? If you answered yes to these questions, you most likely have a cool skin tone.

Clothing Colors

Want drama? Wear jewel tones such as "true" reds, greens and blues close to your face. Going for soft and sultry? Choose blue-based pastels that such as lavender, magenta, blue-green, pink or purple. With a cool skin tone, you can rock black and pure white without getting washed out. If your eyes are blue or green, choose shirts or dresses with accents that match your eyes. This will immediately draw attention to how fabulous they are. To avoid looking sad and sickly, stay away from clothing with yellow tones such as peaches, oranges, cream colors and yellowish-greens.

Blush and Lipstick

Light up your face with blush with blue undertones such as rosy or dusky pink, magenta, raspberry, plum or burgundy. Avoid yellow-based shades such as peach, terra cotta and brick red, as they can drain your face of color, and possibly even make your teeth look yellow. For lipstick, choose a shade that's slightly richer than your blush color. If you have very fair skin, try adding sparkle and shimmer with frosted pink or rose shades. If you're going for barely-there casual, try a neutral pink gloss. If you want to look extra-fierce in your little black dress, go red. A bright berry or ruby shade will be perfect for you.

Eye Makeup

It's all about the eyes, ladies. Most often, they're a woman's best feature, so play them up! Try deep, icy blue, navy blue, smoky lavender, pink, silver, gray or emerald green eyeshadow shades, and use black or charcoal liner and mascara. Avoid browns, yellowish-greens, peaches and coral colors. These can make dark circles stand out and can make you look tired or even sick. If you have darker skin, use richer shades.


Your makeup routine is only as good as your foundation, so choose well. For cool skin tones, pink or blue undertones are the only way to go. A yellow-based foundation can make you look tired and sallow, or give you that mask-like quality. Because skin tones vary so much, picking the perfect foundation shade can be a challenge. You may have to try several shades before you get yours just right. Test the shade you're considering on the inside of your arm. If it blends in well, it's the right shade.

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