Colors of Clothes That Go With Auburn Hair

Neutral colors make auburn hair pop,

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The deep, brownish-red shades of auburn are sought after by so many looking for a little spice in their lives, you may find that your own auburn locks draw stares from everyone you pass. While your hair color certainly sets you apart from the crowd, you could be undoing all that beauty by wearing clothes in the wrong colors. Stick to the correct color palette to accent your auburn hair and not make it look brassy and unattractive.


As you may remember from your art and design classes in high school, green is red's complementary color. Although nearly any shade of green can work with red, emerald has the blue base that works best for auburn's red and brown tones. Toss on an emerald blouse over a neutral skirt. This color works for both work and evening looks, so you can go from the office to the club with just a swath of black mascara and a switch to spiked heels.


Olive green is a key color for when you want to look conservative and sexy at the same time. Job interviews, business meetings and your niece's piano recital could all use a splash of olive to go with your auburn hair. Olive looks best in linen and cotton fabrics, so go with a punchy blazer or slacks.


Accent colors can pull your wardrobe together, but bright purple can look harsh with very red hair. Instead, stick with dark hues to enhance your auburn locks. Plum works best for auburn gals with cool skin tones. You're cool-toned if you have light eyes and a blue or pink cast to your skin. Wear a silk plum blouse under your olive blazer or wrap a plum scarf around your neck.


Gold clothing is perfect for ladies with auburn hair and warm-toned skin. Pull on a gold silk blouse over a black pencil skirt to make a good first impression. It can be tough to find gold clothing that doesn't look cheap or over the top; add classy gold items to your wardrobe whenever you find them. The warm tones will accent the red shade in your auburn hair.


Every wardrobe needs neutral clothing as a base. That's just fashion 101. Of all the neutral colors you could choose, camel is one of the best for auburn hair. The light tan color draws attention to your hair without stealing the show. Pair camel-colored Bermuda shorts with an emerald tank top for a company picnic.


Black is famous for not only making you look slimmer, but looking good on every woman, regardless of hair color. While this may be true, the darkness of black can look harsh on auburn women when worn too close to the face. Keep black relegated to slacks and skirts. If you're sporting a little black dress, break up the dark color with an emerald or plum necklace.

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