Colored Zinc for Lips

Before you hit the water, take the necessary precautions to protect your lips and skin.

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Marionette lines, lip lines, puppet lines? Regardless of the verbiage, this inevitable aging sign deters your passion for sun-worshipping. While recapturing your youth is impossible, true surfer girls battle the odds to preserve it. Ditch your self-consciousness and sport colored zinc oxide on your lips. You may equate this product with '80s teenie boppers, yet this broad spectrum sunblock protects like no other. Color up your lips and block out rays that contribute to unsightly lip blemishes.

Cute Look

Don't worry. Decorating your lips with colored zinc won't make you look like a circus recruit. In fact, your notable sun awareness shows your seriousness for the sport, causing hotties to take notice. Zinc comes in many color options such as pale pink, coral and purple. Dab some on your lips before paddling out. This colored lip accessory provides ultimate sun protection and a unique surfy style.

Broad-Spectrum Sunblock

With the availability of newfangled sunblocks, you may be persuaded into buying expensive creams. Yet, zinc oxide protects equally as well, if not better, than most skin-saving serums. As a physical sunblock, this retro-revival provides broad-spectrum protection from the sun, creating a barrier for both UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, the effects don't subside with wear. Your pretty colored lips will stay intact all day until you hit the shower.

Very Water-Resistant

According to "Surf Science," a publication created by experts in the science behind surfing, zinc oxide achieves an FDA rating of "very water-resistant". This rating assures a high level of sun protection for surf divas. Your colored zinc stays put after sessions of barrel-riding and duck diving. When you emerge from the water, fulfilled and tired, you still maintain a fresh look. Unlike mascara which smears easily, water-resistant zinc lip color won't migrate and mess up your appearance.

Prevents Wrinkles

Aside from combating the cancer-causing rays of the sun, zinc oxide also prevents skin wrinkles. By stopping the signs of aging in its tracks, you thwart the development of unsightly lip lines. So, using a little flashy lip protection as you frolic in the waves defends the youth of your face. Wipe off the gook and you're ready for a night on the town, footloose and wrinkle-free.

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