The Best Colored Shirt to Wear to a Job Interview That Is Business Casual

Pink and blue are great color options for a business casual job interview.

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There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to picking attire for a job interview, but are there any that are off limits? Though there are definite restrictions when it comes to what and what not to wear, lines tend to blur when it comes to color, especially when you're going on a job interview that is business casual rather than very formal. Color often depends on where exactly you're applying; jobs on the creative side provide a little more leeway with pattern and color, whereas with a field that's a little less artistic, it's better to be safe. And this should go without saying, but absolutely stay away from any color that has "electric" in its name.

Basic Neutrals

These are your safest bet when it comes to a business casual interview. The only mistake you could potentially make here is to accidentally look too cautious or too boring. Shirts in neutral colors like black, white, gray and beige will be easy to match with whatever jacket, skirt (or pants) and shoes you'll also be wearing. No fuss, no muss. But if you're interviewing for a more creative position (in the fashion or design field, for example), feel free to try something with just a little more personality.

Winter Colors

The next safe option when it comes to picking what color to wear is any kind of cool hue. Periwinkle blue, sapphire, moss green -- these are all great shades when you just don't want to wear black or white. Blue often tends to be people's favorite color, and it's also known to make a person look trustworthy, loyal and capable, whereas green is calming and one of the easier colors on the eye. Pair with a chic navy (or even white if you can pull it off) pantsuit, and you're set to ace that interview!

Spring Colors

Afraid that the pink blouse in your closet will look too girly or inappropriate for your interview? Don't worry -- as long as it isn't covered in lace, frills or ruffles, you'll be all right. The same rule goes for purple. Colors like magenta or fuchsia, grape or lavender can work well for a business casual interview. Just ensure that when you wear more romantic colors like these up on top, whatever you wear on the bottom should be more basic and masculine to balance out the outfit, such as tailored, wide-leg black trousers or a gray tapered cigarette pant. Feminine is fine, as long as it's sophisticated and not overly done.

Avoid Fall Colors

Hues like orange, red and yellow look unflattering on many skin tones more often than not. Red can be alarming, intense and a bit too aggressive, while yellow is a difficult color for the eye to absorb. Oranges are a difficult color for a lot of people to wear and can easily wash you out, making you look somewhat pallid and consequently like you don't have much energy or enthusiasm, which is definitely not what you want when being interviewed for a potential job.

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