How to Color the Underside of Your Hair Different From the Upper Side

Dyeing your hair two different colors adds flair to boring locks.

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Tired of your monotone locks and want to make a statement that begs for attention? Walk on fashion’s wild side and dye your hair two different colors. Hair of all shapes, lengths and textures can be transformed from mild to wild with dual dyes, and you don’t have to drain your wallet for a stellar new ‘do.


Decide on your shades before you get your dye on. If you’re looking for a subtle change, pick dyes that are only a few shades apart, such as a deep honey blond for the top and a light almond brown for the bottom. For divas with a wild streak, try bold shades such as raven black on top and flaming red underneath.


Bleach your hair with a color stripper to prepare it for your new style. Color strippers invade each follicle, erasing the existing color to give you a clean, platinum-blond slate that evenly accepts new dye. Apply the color stripper and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes, or as directed. Rinse thoroughly and dry.


Comb hair thoroughly, and divide the upper half from the lower half evenly along the back of your hair. Pile the upper portion on your head and pin it down with clips to keep it out of the way as you dye the lower half.


Mix the dye for the lower half, and apply it from the scalp down. Add a line of dye approximately one inch from your skin, smoothing it down along each piece of hair with your fingers. Work from your right ear around to your left, enlisting a helper if your hair is too long to easily coat yourself. Check the box for proper dyeing time, and rinse completely. Clip the freshly dyed bottom section together at the bottom of your neck.


Pour the dye for the upper half into the bottle inside the package, and lean over the sink. Apply the dye from the part at the back of your head forward, working it into all of the hair on top. Bending over the sink makes it easier to dye without dripping or transferring dye to the bottom half. Rinse the dye out after it has been on for the recommended time, running your head under the faucet until the water runs totally clear.


Apply the conditioner from one of the dye kits to your entire head to set the dye, and infuse your new colors with moisture and shine. Rinse thoroughly, dry and show off your dual-toned tresses.

Things You'll Need



3.Hair bleach

2.Hair clips

4.Hair dyes


Tips & Tricks


Wrap your shoulders in an old sheet or T-shirt to keep dye off your good clothes.

Don't forget how long the dye has been on. Set a kitchen timer if you’re worried about leaving it on too long.


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