What Color Stockings With a Black and Purple Cocktail Dress?

Jill Marie Jones rocks purple and black at the NAACP theater awards.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Purple and black make an elegant match and they are both strong shades. The best rule when dressing for an event is to blend in, not stick out for the wrong reasons. While colored tights are fierce, this on-trend style doesn't play well with a black and purple dress. This is one occasion where simple = sophisticated.


It's safe to fly without stockings in the summer months or in a hot climate. To look tightless in cooler weather, a la Jill Marie Jones, choose sheer nude hose in the shade that most closely matches your natural skin tone. You don't have to worry about finding the right purple to match your dress, and you break up the black. If you're planning on introducing an accent hue in the shoes or want purple shoes, not black, opt for this style.


Black hosiery helps pull the look together, especially if you're going for black footwear. They provide a seamless transition down the leg to blend the shoes in with the outfit. Sheer black stockings are a natural match, though you can opt for patterned tights, such as striped or fishnet, if you want something more funky. You can do opaque black tights if you need extra warmth, but they bring more of a casual look.


Purple tights make good use of the colored stocking trend, if that's how you want to play things. If your dress is mostly black with some purple features, this helps keep the color popping. Choose purple sheer or patterned tights since full opaque ones are a bit much color. Keep the shoe purple or black, since you don't want a new color competing with the tights.


If you're lucky enough to find a subtly patterned black-and-purple tight such as a plaid, you could make a fashion statement. A patterned, opaque tight such as purple-and-black stripes could have you looking like the Wicked Witch of the West's punk sister. Likewise, avoid two-toned tights where each leg is a different hue or any boldly colored tights. Purple is already such a strong color and offers natural contrast to black. You really don't need to throw in another color in such a large block.

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