The Best Color for Short Fingernails


Generally when people think of women's fingernails, it's with visions of long lengths that look as though they could pierce through anything. But while many women will always prefer long nails, short nails can be considerably more polished and chic. One of the drawbacks of long nails is that when you add certain colors or designs, they can appear costumey, while short nails look natural and as a result are ripe for many color options.

Dark Colors

Nail polish in a dark hue has always been kind of tricky to pull of because it is very easy to make your nails look like they belong in a horror movie instead of wrapped around a martini glass at cocktail hour. An easy way to avoid this is to keep your nails short, chic and polished. A shorter nail is able to take color much better because it's not as severe. If you have a nail color that is overly bold or dark, it's easier to blend in instead of overpower. Nail color shades like black burgundy, navy, chocolate and plum are just a few that look totally fierce on short nails.

Light Colors

For a decidedly more subtle look to your short nails, try sporting a color in a light shade. Light nail colors are dainty and feminine and happen to look adorable on ladies with short nails. This look works because the shortness of your nails combined with the faint color of the nail polish is complementary and perfectly balanced. Light colors are also good because they are great for everyday wear with their neutrality when pairing them with various clothes. Shades in white, light pink, nude and baby blue are some of the light color choices that will "light" up your short nails.

Metallic Colors

A little shimmer and sparkle never hurt anyone. When you are looking to dazzle the crowd and glam up your short nails, opt for a hot metallic shade. Nail colors in the metallic family easily add a fashionable element to your outfit because the sparkly tone acts as an accessory of sorts, meaning if you go for metallic polish, then you don't need that many additional accessories. Short nails benefit from a metallic hue because the small size allows the polish to act as an accent and not appear too harsh. Look for colors in silver, gold, copper or anything that has a glitter base.

Bright Colors

Say a lot without saying a word! That's exactly what happens when you add a bright, bold color to short nails. When you have a color that is extremely bright, especially a neon tone, you run the risk of it overpowering everything else, which is why sporting a short nail is best because you see the color but it doesn't distract like a longer nail would. One additional thing about bright colors is that they should be the focal point, so your outfit should be in a muted or complementary tone that won't conflict with the polish. Hot pink, orange, citron yellow, neon green and turquoise blue are fabulous nail color shades that are sure to brighten up your day.

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