What Color Shawl Is Best to Wear With a Black Dress?

A bright pink shawl really brightens up a simple black dress.

Photo: Martin Schalk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Black is the ultimate in camouflaging shades. It goes with absolutely everything. This means that when selecting a shawl to wear it is important to choose based on your skin tone and other accessories. It's a good idea to match your shawl to the color accessories you are carrying. This keeps your look uniform and smart. If you have not already chosen your accessories, go for a shawl that will complement your complexion. No matter what color it is, it will suit your little black dress.

Pop Colors

Pop colors are the brighter sides in the color spectrum. Think candy pinks, sky blues and cherry reds. These shades are playful, fun and youthful. These are good colors to team with a brown, olive or honey skin tone as these colors can be forceful and overbearing for pale complexions.


Metallic shades work very well for most complexions from very dark to very pale. It really depends on your undertones. With red or blue undertones you can wear a silver or bronze shawl. This will reflect light into your face and will highlight your red and blue undertones. If you have brown or yellow undertones go for a shimmery gold shawl. This will also reflect light but will give your undertones the chance to shine, giving you a lovely glow.


A patterned shawl is a very good look if your black dress is plain. This way you can mix colors. Some black dresses can be boring and simple, so they can do with a little extra spice. If you are interested in wearing something a little more exciting, go for a patterned shawl. Keep the pattern smart and in-line with your event. Polka-dots, stripes and floral patterns work well with a simple black dress and keep the look dressy.

Jewel Tones

Jewel colors are perfect for a snazzy night out on the town. Jewel colors are also very complementary for all skin tones and work well with black. Emerald green, ruby red and an electric sapphire will help your look step into that modern, high-fashion arena. It will be all the more effective if it's teamed with some matching jewelry. Be sure to complement your undertones. Keep cool colors such as emerald and sapphire with red and blue undertones and warmer shades such as ruby with brown or yellow undertones.

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