How to Color Resistant Gray Hair


You've just discovered your inner adult with an outwardly obvious symptom: gray hair. It's not the end of the world, just the stop of melanin production in your hair, turning it white -- although it looks gray. What's a diva to do? If you color your mane, you'll notice that the gray hair takes a lot longer to grab onto the color, because the grays have a thicker cuticle. Before you grab for the bottle, bone up on a few tricks to help you cover your gray without giving the rest of your mane the shaft.


Take a close inspection of the front of your hairline, which is where many gals gray up first. This may be where most of your gray grows. Part this area off and color the rest of your hair first. Follow your hair color manufacturer's instructions for timing. Apply your hair color to the hairline last, especially if you're a dark-haired darling, because it will become black and flat-looking.


Got a few gray hairs that you want to match to your natural color? Buy a color that is one shade darker than your normal tone. The gray-resistant hair will "take" one shade lighter than the product's normal results, and you'll get a good match. Don't forget that if you apply this color to your entire head, you natural color will go one step darker -- you won't match, but you'll blend.


Apply a 20-percent peroxide solution to your grays for up to 10 minutes. Softening your coarse grays prior to coloring opens the cuticle. The color is more readily absorbed by the gray hair.


Consider using gray as a highlight to your natural color. You may find that shortly after coloring your hair, your gray hair has returned with a vengeance. Simply blend them in with your natural color as a highlight, or rock the streak on its own. A thick chunk of gray looks movie-star glamorous.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair color product designed for resistant gray

3.20-percent peroxide solution



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