What Color of Pants Go With a Grey & Black Striped Shirt?

Denim jeans and black and white pants go well with grey and black shirts.

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When it comes to color, it is usually your top that sparkles and shines, but pants can also take center stage, especially when paired with a neutral-colored top like a grey and black shirt. Since black and grey go well with any color, your options are limitless. Lighter-shade pants are generally more appropriate for day activities, while darker rinses can glam up any outfit for nighttime wear. To add more flair to your ensemble, add bright-colored necklaces and heels to complete your look.

Basic Denim

The good thing about wearing grey and black is that both colors work with just about any outfit. Even though a striped shirt has two colors rather than one, because both grey and black are neutrals they function the same as solid tops. For a basic look, stick to denim jeans. Light-washed and destroyed jeans paired with a striped shirt work well for a lunch date or stroll around town, but for a more elegant look, opt for a darker denim shade like deep blue. Or go for a soft grey shade of denim, which will help emphasize the black stripes of the shirt.

Black Pants

A simple black pant is a safe and stylish option to pair with a grey and black striped shirt. Black goes with everything, including more black, so don't feel like you need to overcompensate by adding a ton of color. If you are heading into work, pair a striped blouse with dress slacks and some heeled shoes. For a day-to-night look, a skinny black jean will do the trick. If you feel like there is too much black going on in your outfit, add a bright-colored heel or long necklace to liven up your look.

White Pants

White pants are not necessarily easy to pull off, but if you are feeling daring, why not go for it? White is another neutral, so you don't have to worry about appearing too flashy. For a casual look, stick to white denim; if you're heading somewhere a bit more upscale, opt for a straight-leg, white cotton pant. White stains easily, so if you are heading to a picnic or plan on taking the subway all day long, you may want to reconsider your options. White pants are okay year-round in warm climates.

Bold Color

Wearing neutral colors in a shirt gives you the chance to be creative in other areas. A bold red pant may seem intense at first, but when paired with black and grey it's not so crazy. In spring and summer, experiment with light pastel colors like salmon. These softer shades won't draw too much attention to your bottom half, but will still give you the chance to wear a color that would otherwise not work well. If bright pants aren't your thing, incorporate color through accessories like hats, earrings and shoes.

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