What Color Nail Polish Goes With a Black, Red & White Dress?

Red nails complement red accents in a dress for day or evening.

Photo: Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

A bold dress requires perfect nails. When you're getting all dolled up in strong colors such as black, red and white, you're going to draw attention. Get those details together! File your nails into a short, square shape, then moisturize and push back your cuticles before you apply a base coat. Then pick a beautiful nail polish color that suits your style and lets that dress really work for you.


Oh, red! What a color! Some people shake their heads at nails that match your dress, but you know the power of red. If your dress has scarlet, wear scarlet polish. If your dress is fire engine, blaze up your nails. The secret to red nails with a dress that has red in it is to get the polish color as close to the dress as possible. Even a shade off looks wrong. Bring your dress with you when you select your color and don't be afraid of a high gloss.


White nails can fall into the same trap as red--you don't want to look too matchy-matchy, but it really can work. White nails make a serious statement, too, so consider a few ideas to avoid harshness that competes with your dress. If you're dark-skinned, you can use an opaque white. The contrast is really contemporary and cool. If you're pale, opaque still makes an impact, but you can work a sheer finish if you prefer. Paint on several coats and warm up the look with cocktail rings.


Nude nails are so chic. No matter what you're wearing, they look confident and sexy. With a dress that's black, red and white, though, you're definitely showing just how sophisticated you are. The mix of subtle nails and an eye-grabbing dress is unbeatable. Use a deep, neutral tan to match all skin tones and complement the contrasts of your dress. If you like matte polishes, a nude matte nail is an awesome pairing with black, red and white.


Black nails can be a bit much with a black, red and white dress. Unless you're really going for a goth or vamp look, black should be used sparingly. If you really love the inkiness of it, though, you can play with touches that match the proportion of accents on your dress. Try painting the half-moons at the bed of your nails black over red or nude nails. You still get the mystery without the macabre.

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