How to Color Hair With Beet Juice

Dye your hair with beets; they will give your hair a natural red tone.

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For natural red tones without the chemical processing that leaves you with brittle, dried-out ends, try the power of beets. Though beets may not be your first choice with dinner, the root vegetables have been used since Colonial times as a red dye. Beets add temporary coppery tones to hair, so don't expect salon-perfect red with natural dye. What you will get with beets is a subtle color that will leave your friends wondering what on earth you did to get such smoking style.


Combine 1/2 cup of beet juice and 1/2 cup of carrot juice in a bowl.


Put on a grubby old shirt you wouldn't mind parting with, in case you get some of the dye on your clothing. Beet juice stains can be tricky to remove from clothes.


Coat your hair with the beet-carrot mix. Then put a plastic shower cap over your head to prevent drip-down, or wrap your hair in plastic wrap (hint, ladies -- the shower cap is easier).


Chill out for an hour and let the vegetable dyes work their magic. Sit in the sun, it helps the dye set, or plug in your hair dryer, set it on low, and blow the warm air around your scalp.


Turn on the shower and heat up the water. Hop in, remove the plastic from your head and rinse out the beets.


Shampoo your hair, then follow up with conditioner.


Repeat the beet treatment daily until you're satisfied with the level of color. It may take up to a week to get a strong red color in your hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Beet juice


5.Plastic shower cap OR plastic wrap



2.Carrot juice


6.Hair dryer



Tips & Tricks


Find beet juice at health food stores or juice your own, if you've got a juicer.

You'll get the best color if your hair is already red, has red tones, or is blond.

Avoid getting beet juice on your ears, neck or forehead, since it can be difficult to remove from the skin -- a little petroleum jelly on your ears and around your hairline will do the trick.


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