How to Color Gray Hair With Tea

Gorgeous, glossy and definitely not gray, the totally natural way.

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Everyone goes gray eventually, but some get a head start on the process. You can blame it on your mama -- science says that genetics plays at least a small part in how young you are when your hair starts losing its natural pigmentation. Some girls can totally rock the gray locks, especially if the silver comes in as wings or a stunning streak a la Stacy London -- shut up! If the gray just doesn't do it for you, though, you can wash it away without those nasty chemicals that turn your hair into straw.


Steep six teabags in a pint of boiling water for 15 minutes. Remove the teabags. Add 2 tbsp. each of sage and rosemary leaves, stir it, and let it cool overnight.


Strain the tea through a tea strainer or cheesecloth into a jar with a cover. It will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.


After you wash your hair, pour about 1/2 cup of the tea over your head and massage it into your scalp. Wring your hair out, but don't rinse it. Blot your hair dry with a towel. Dry and style your hair as usual.


Use the tea rinse a couple of times a week. You won't see an immediate change, but after a couple of weeks, you'll notice that the gray hair has darkened back to your natural color. If you stop using the tea, the color will gradually fade out and let those silver lights shine again.

Things You'll Need


1.1 pint boiling water

3.2 tbsp. fresh or dried sage

5.2 tbsp. chamomile flowers

7.Tea strainer

2.6 teabags

4.2 tbsp. fresh or dried rosemary

6.2 tbsp. rose hips

8.Jar or bottle


Tips & Tricks


To brighten blond hair, skip the teabags and substitute chamomile flowers for the rosemary.

Revive the fiery spark of red hair by substituting rose hips for the rosemary.


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