What Color Eyeshadow Can I Wear With a Navy Dress?


Ladies, you can have the most fabulous outfit on, but if you don't have a full, completed look, it doesn't matter much. Part of a completed look is the right makeup, especially the right color. When you step into your fierce navy blue dress, you want to make sure that your makeup is worthy of a close-up, particularly your eyeshadow. With so many shadow colors to choose from, it may seem like a daunting task, but check out this list of eyeshadow colors to make your navy dress pop.


Gold is always a great eyeshadow shade to pair with a dark-colored dress because while it has just enough color to be seen, it also acts as a neutral tone of sorts with hints of shimmer and sparkle. These elements are perfect to lighten up the dark palette of your navy dress and open up your eyes by making them look bigger and more defined. There are many types of gold shadow options, from a pale tone to a heavily saturated yellow-gold. The choice really depends on how dramatic you want your eyes to look; however, with a navy dress, a subtle to medium shade of gold eyeshadow looks best because it doesn't compete with the navy color.


For all you subtle girls out there that love to have a made-up eye but prefer to do it on a smaller scale, then the ever-versatile neutral eyeshadow is just what you need. While navy blue is a dark color, it still has enough saturation to stand out, so a neutral eyeshadow is a fabulous way to define your eyes while letting your navy blue dress command all the attention. Neutrals are available in a several varieties; beige, tawny, tan, light brown and even pinkish-beige are all variations of the neutral shadow color scheme. Another bonus of neutral eyeshadow is that you have more room to experiment with more dramatic eyeliner applications that ultimately create a showstopping look.


It has enough sparkle and shimmer to make any eye look turn heads. That's just one of the reasons why silver eyeshadow looks so stunning when paired with a navy blue dress. Generally, navy and silver are quite complementary together because the light and darkness of the two colors provides a beautiful contrast that brings out the best in both shades. When selecting a silver eyeshadow for your navy dress, be sure to choose one that has a satin consistency because it glides on smoother and the shimmery elements catch the lighter better.

Charcoal Gray

One of the biggest myths in the makeup world is that a smoky eye must always be achieved with black eyeshadow. Actually, there are several ways to create a smoky eye -- and with several different colors as well. One of those colors happens to be charcoal gray, while not as deep and intense as black, it provides enough darkness to frame your eyes for a sexy, sultry appearance. Traditional black eyeshadow can prove to be too severe for a navy dress because it competes for attention. The charcoal gray is a little lighter, which results in a less drastic and dramatic look.

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