What Color Eyeglass Frames Are Good for Blondes?

The right frames should not only fit your face but also work with your hair color.

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Going with the first pair of frames that looks halfway decent on your face is a major fashion faux pas. First things first -- put on your detective hat and find out whether your blonde tresses are considered to be on the warm or cool side. Don't worry -- it's not hard to do! The true hue of the blonde mane you're sporting will ultimately guide you to the most flattering frames. The last thing you want to do is look washed out or washed up.

Cool Blonde Tones

Yes, you can distinguish your blonde hair by categorizing it as cool-toned. Cool blonde hair tones include such hues as platinum, ash or strawberry blonde. Think Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman. If you're rockin' one of these shades, consider yourself chill.

Warm Blonde Tones

Golden blonde, honey blonde, dirty blonde and yellow blonde -- think Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore -- all qualify your mane as warm-toned. This means that you should play matchy-matchy with your crowning glory and choose a pair of eyeglass frames in a warm hue.

Frames for Cool Hair Hues

When your coif is cool-toned, make it stand out with eyeglass frames in such delicious shades as magenta, rose-brown, pink, jet black, jade, blue, blue-gray and darker-toned tortoise shades. Note that some colors of eyeglass frames will definitely work better with particular hair hues. For instance, a jet black pair of frames might look too harsh if you're sporting a platinum blonde 'do, but they might prove fab on a gal with strawberry blonde tresses. Take some time and try pair after pair on to make sure you're getting some frames that do you justice.

Frames for Warm Shades

When your tresses radiate a warm glow, complement them with a pair of eyeglasses frames that will intensify your hair's effect, not drag it down. Go for frames in shades like hot and smokin' fire-engine red, peach, orange or coral. Keep it neutral with such colors as khaki, camel, copper and glowing gold. Off-white frames can work on the right gal, and tortoise-shell frames with olive or yellow undertones can keep you and your warm-hued hair in fab style.

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