What Color to Dye Your Hair If It's Brassy

Keep your hair looking pure blond by eliminating brassiness when it crops up.

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Brassy hair just about ruins the look of your gorgeous light locks. It can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. Sometimes when your dye starts to fade, the brassiness appears. Chemicals in your water can make your hair look brassy. It might even be because you didn't leave the dye in your hair long enough in the first place. Luckily, there are ways to fix your tresses.

What Is Brassiness?

Brass metal has an orange tone, which is fine for cookware but not so fine for your hair if you want to look like a natural blonde. If your hair gets brassy, you'll notice it at your roots and the part of your hair closest to your roots. Don't worry -- you don't have to head to the salon to get it fixed. You can take care of it at home.

Dye It Again

What you should know about neutralizing unwanted colors in your hair is that it all depends on the color wheel. For brassiness, you need to look to the opposite side of the wheel from orange-yellow. It's purple-blue. Do you dye your hair purple or blue? No. Instead you pick up a blond hair dye with the word "ash" in the title and touch up your roots. Ash blonds have purple and blue undertones that help to get rid of brassiness.

Try a Toner

A hair toner is different from permanent hair dye. It's a quick, wash-in fix for brassiness in your hair. Toners are a class of semi-permanent dyes that will wash out in a couple of weeks. Head to any beauty supply store to get toner for your hair and follow directions to the letter. What color toner should you get? The same color family you would use to re-dye your hair -- ash.

More Anti-Brass Tips

If you want to avoid brassiness in the first place, consider picking up shampoos, conditioners and styling products that come in a shade of purple. Products that are marketed as just for blondes deposit just a bit of purple into your locks to counteract brassiness. When you dye your hair, leave the dye in for precisely the amount of time the instructions state. If you rinse it out too soon, the dye can't work its way into your hair, and you may end up a brassy blonde.

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